Types Of Midcentury Modern Mirror

Midcentury modern mirror – The first type of mid century modern mirror is venetian miror. The Venetian island of Murano specialized in the production of mirrors of the highest quality. And in the sixteenth century it became the most famous center for glass processing. It was Vincenzo Redor, the inventor of Venetian mirrors. Who in 1540 developed and patented the technique of polishing and flattening of glass sheets. Which allowed to obtain mirrors with perfectly flat surfaces. This procedure was very complex and made the mirror an object of luxury. The Venetian mirrors were highly sought after. So, their characteristic is the shaped frame. Often surmounted by another small mirror and finely carved cymbals.

The production technique was extremely refined and introduced important innovations, such as engraving with the cutting edge. Venice became the main glass export center in Europe, gaining an economic supremacy that it maintained for over 150 years. Mirrors in the Gothic style: they made between the 12th and the 16th mid century modern and characterized by pointed arched temples. And also dark wood frames rich in decorative carvings. Nowadays it is not difficult to find specimens of gothic style mirrors made in the nineteenth century. A period in which there was a revival of the style that was call with Victorian Gothic.

Baroque style mirrors: date back to the seventeenth century. And typically have an oval shape, the oak or walnut wood frame covered with gold or silver. And less elaborate carvings of the Gothic mirrors. Rococo style mirrors: produced in the first half of the nineteenth century. The Rococo style mirrors have a rectangular or round shape and a frame in walnut or mahogany. Surmounted by gilded sculptures and carvings with floral motifs. Neoclassical style mirrors: they can have an oval or rectangular shape. They are mount on a flat base. And express balance and harmony. The Neoclassical style mirrors have gilded and carved frames. So, they also decorated in a more elegant and less elaborate way than those of the Rococo period.

Art Deco style mirrors: their characteristic is strong geometric lines and pompous decorations. Also using eclectic materials such as exotic woods, chrome, Bakelite, pressed glass. The design is sought after and expresses luxury and decadence. The Art Déco style accessories make the environments fascinating and scenographic, producing a dramatic effect. Art Nouveau style mirrors: their characteristic is sinuous lines, delicate volutes and decorations with floral and naturalistic motifs. They commonly have pewter or black wrought iron frames. A peculiar characteristic of the Art Nouveau style mirrors is the use of stained glass, which added a delicate finish. So, the end.