Painted Mid Century Dresser Style Ideas

Painted mid century dresser – Painting an old dresser is a smart way to personalize furniture for a child’s room, or any room for that matter. Do not let the word reformed scare you. A reformed dresser does not have to be boring or it looks like a tired hand me down. Lots of cool, eye-catching treatments will have your old chest that looks better than new and just right for a child’s room. Boys like camouflage, as it evokes difficult images of soldiers and hunters. Painting a camouflage pattern only takes a little practice to get it right. But because it is basically free-form, this pattern is very forgiving of mistakes and hides imperfections. Camo is traditionally made in natural tones such as brown, beige and olive green. For a twist, paint a camouflage pattern in unexpected colors, such as neon bights.

Board Color

Almost any boy would love to scribble on furniture without getting into trouble. That fantasy is a reality with a sideboard covered in slate paint, which is readily available in home centers and paint shops and continues just like a common painting. Chalkboard paint is typically black, so you may want to add some shiny strip drawer or painted finish for a splash of color. Choose your child’s favorite colors. And use them in a fun chess board dresser. For this look simply paint the frame of the dresser in a single color. And then use painter’s tape to create a chessboard template in the drawers. At large or small checks; smaller drawers look better with smaller checks, while larger drawers can handle larger checks. Keep handles simple so they do not compete with the pattern on the commode.

Blue Denim Color

Believe it or not, you can use the paint to create very effectively the look of blue denim on a dresser. This effect can be difficult at first, so use a piece of cardboard to practice and the technique below before trying on your dresser. Achieving the look of denim with paint consists of layers of a darker shade of blue over a lighter one and dragging several texturing tools over the paint before it dries. Also graffiti dresser is a fun, easy treatment that anyone can do, and it is another opportunity for your child to scribble on their furniture without getting into trouble. Start with a dresser that you have just painted white or the color of your choice, and then use permanent markers or paint pens to cover it in the graffiti.