Do You Know the History of Midcentury Modern Mailbox

Midcentury modern mailbox is one of the most widely used equipment in homes and offices today. When you start shopping for this cupboard there are a number of things you should know. They often come with pieces packed with the hardware needed to put them together. This type of storage cabinet is often made of metal and is available in several colors such as black and white. Some of these cabinets are also made of wood. Especially antique cabinets that are used for everything, even as an arsenal. Antique cabinets are often very different from what we know today. The oldest filing methods include the use of pigeonholes where folded pieces of paper will be inserted in the right area, and then when the file is needed. The opening process of each envelope that is very inefficient is produced.

Then the letter filing cabinet was designed so that the letters would be fold twice and then placed in drawers. Such as the pigeonhole system, but with the addition of a drawer system to allow easier access to stored materials. The closest equivalent you might remember is the card catalog in the library. With the start of the age, their computers were no longer used. But at least fifteen years ago they could be found in most local libraries. This catalog card holder has a similar design to an antique filing cabinet. The file cabinet, as it is known today, was developed in 1898 by Edwin G. Seibels. He designed and produced the first vertical file cabinet. This cabinet development has changed the way businesses operate and revolutionize filing.

Antique filing cabinets are usually made of wood. With the first reference to the steel cabinet not made until 1906. In order for the cabinet to be consider an antique, it must be made before 1912. Which severely limited the number of antique cabinets available. Because of the limited number of original antique cabinets for modern use, reproduction has become very popular. Antique cabinets combine function and form by making beautiful and useful furniture. All wooden constructions combined with elegant lines and beautiful hardware combine to create furniture that is a great addition to any office.

Antique cabinet reproduction as beautiful as the original; however, they combine the original beauty with modern cabinet functions. These “antique” models include wooden construction and pathetic hands to make an old patina along with steel rails to allow maximum storage. Reproduction of antique filing cabinets available in all modern styles including lateral files. Which although developed earlier than vertical, did not become common until the 1950s.

Ideas for Keep Midcentury Modern Jewelry

Knowing how to keep the shine of midcentury modern jewelry in-between a professional cleaning is a must for any fashionable woman. Dirty rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets do not shine and they may have style far from even the most polished of suits. Do not despair! It is not necessary to buy an expensive jewelry cleaner to make it shine again. In fact, all you need to clean your favorite accessory parts yourself can most likely find around your house already.

Keep shiny silver jewelry in the intervals between professional cleanings; take 1 toothbrush and dry brush from a gentle child’s silver jewelry first to remove surface dirt and loose dirt. Work the brush in a small circular motion, as you would when showing a child how to brush his back teeth. Carefully go over the whole piece, making sure that you get the bristles in the middle of all the stones and in any engraving or inlays for this work. For this reason, you should use one intended for children instead of adults; the smaller head makes it easier to maneuver the bristles in all the small crevices of their pieces. Rinse the part thoroughly with clean tap water to remove any additional particles that may have loosened with the brush.

Ideas for keep the brilliant silver jewelry, add a small amount of soap to hot water in a container. Once again, take your soft toothbrush and dip it in the soapy water. To keep the silver jewelry sparkling between professional cleanings, gently go over the entire cleaning surface every little crack. Use the same circular motion that is used when brushing dries to get in between the stone trimmings and in any engraving or inlays. Keep the piece up to the light to see if there is any excess dirt that may have been lost. Turn it over to examine all the inlays and stone. Clean the toothbrush and rinse with clean running water, using your fingers to gently separate the bristles to remove accumulated dirt and grime. Shake it to dry.

Place a small amount of non-abrasive toothpaste and do not bleach on the brush head. In the same circular movement that use for the first time for cleaning. Then they would pass over the piece well. Rinse the piece in clean running water until all the residue of the toothpaste is gone. Once again, examine it to light to make sure you have it all. Shake it and then let it air dry the rest of the way. Take a soft cloth and rub the piece to remove all water spots. The trick to trying to keep the shiny silver jewelry in-between a professional cleaning is a fan to a shine after using this method to clean the pieces yourself.

Good Midcentury Modern Landscaping Garden

What do you think of midcentury modern landscaping garden design with clean, straight lines? We, we love it, so we decided to devote an article to this particular garden style. It is true that there is not a single type of contemporary garden, everyone is free to imagine the landscape of which he dreams for his exterior. However, there are some essential traits that we can remember. One of these characteristics is well defined and structured spaces. Paved or gravel passes are distinguishable from vegetated areas.

Contemporary garden with well-structured spaces

The plants and flowers are grouped with borders in stone, concrete or steel. As you will see in the photos, the presence of materials of industrial origin is more marked, which contrasts with the style of the natural garden. The selected images also relate to the layout of the modern garden with outdoor furniture that suits the overall design. And finally, spring is coming soon. It’s time to look for inspiration to design the landscape of your contemporary garden. Here are the photos and our ideas – you choose which ones best fit your desires! A garden with clean lines, well-structured and simple – here is what the contemporary garden represents for us. Having a green outdoor area requires care, but it also gives you so much fun! It’s time to go green…

A plant wall, does that tell you?

There are no more excuses for not having a green space at home. We have already seen everything: richly decorated interiors with green potted plants, vertical gardens, forest balconies … Everything is possible if you want to create a plant paradise at home. One of the most trendy solutions at the moment is undoubtedly the green wall . Ideal for small space or for those who live in the city, the green wall allows to optimize the space and to enjoy the daily greenery at the same time.

Materials: concrete, steel, stone

Outside, we put on solid and durable materials. They are also chosen according to their aesthetic appearance. The clean style allows the use of any kind of material, the essential is that it is present in small doses. Any element, pattern or color that is too far away from the design of a contemporary garden. The well-structured garden is easier to maintain. At the same time, if you want to create a Zen garden outside , you have to forget the symmetry and the straight lines. This type of garden is imperfect. According to the precepts of Feng Shui, balance is born in the imbalance . In a Zen garden, there are no garden paths and structures.

Midcentury Modern Clocks

Midcentury modern clocks – Modern design in the middle of the century is a hot trend. And a courage design lover has a special eye for retro, minimal and functional features. Modern in the middle of the century enjoyed a massive rise in popularity beginning in the 30’s. And has not left the home decor icon since then – it has been redesigned, refined and reimagined. Also fully interfaced in the way the world interacts with design. One of the most iconic mid-century modern design pieces is the George Nelson Wall Clock, available at Reach Design for $ 395.

Mid century style wall clocks are available in a variety of shapes and materials. With a wide range of designs that fit almost any taste and desire. At the market, George Nelson, architect, designer and writer, gives life to a play of light and almost hypnotic geometries that represents a fresh alternative to conventional clocks: the Vitra Sunflower wall clock. Made of natural birch wood or black and brass ash wood, like all Wall Clocks watches, it is characterized by a high quality quartz movement. The price range from € 975.00. On the other hand, one of the most iconic modern design pieces of mid-century is the George Nelson wall clock, available in Design Within Reach for $ 395.

However, the watches arose from the need of humans are located in time. Over the centuries, technological development has provided the reinvention of these accessories, making them increasingly modern and functional. The clock began to be a fixed object, then leaping into the pockets and later into the wrists of men and women. Increasingly modern and functional, it serves, nowadays, much more than seeing the hours. For thousands of years different instruments have been able to measure time. From the Egyptians who divided the day into two periods of 12 hours. And used the obelisks to measure the time according to the movement of the sun. Even the water clocks of Mesopotamia.

In India and Tibet another timing device, the sundial, was very popular. After all this journey we have stopped focusing on the object itself. Our telephones, computers and electronic devices are in charge of showing us the hours, minutes and seconds in which we live. The watch is no longer a practical instrument and now evolves as a decorative element or fashion accessory. Today in this article, we want to break a spear in favor of mid century modern wall clock. Those that so many joys and so much stress have caused us over the years.

Extending the Lifespan of Your Chalk Paint on Laminate Furniture

Chalk Paint On Laminate Furniture – If you have chosen to install laminate flooring in your home, you already know that it is a beautiful alternative, low maintenance for hardwood. You can get the same look and feel without spending big money or worrying about any disturbing moisture problems made from natural materials such as wood. Although there is no question that this type of surface is a less demanding choice, there are still several ways to extend its life, saving more time and money.

Preventive Care for Your Laminate Flooring

Use only cleaning products intended for use with the right type of surface. While maintaining the beauty of your room requires only a soft feather broom or a vacuum with soft floor attachments, keep in mind that, unlike hardwood, Murphy’s Oil can blunt your finishes or increase the likelihood of accidents from slipping and falling. . You must receive instructions to clean with your installation, so consult before cleaning.

Remember That It Is a Material Produced

This means you should not get wet, because standing water can damage it. You will want to make sure that you do not use abrasive cleaners, steel wool or scouring powder. The top layer is a layer that is intended to extend its useful life. This is made to be wear resistant, but scratching will damage this layer, allowing the debris to sink to the bottom layer. This can reduce the life span and cause color fading or unsightly.

Avoid Wear

Put a soft cloth under the feet of your furniture, and use a wider cloth for heavier furniture to be taken into account in the shift. When moving furniture around, grab them instead of dragging them to avoid marking your floor. Place a carpet or kitchen mat in front of the sink in your kitchen, if you have a laminate floor there, to provide a barrier to water droplets. Avoid wearing sports shoes, sports shoes, or high heels in it to help prevent dents, scratches, and blisters.

Maintain a Consistent Level of Humidity

While it’s true that you have to worry about less moisture with this surface than with hardwood, any room that has a water problem or is consistently humid must have a dehumidifier placed in it. On the other hand, if you have a very dry room, you should consider using an air humidifier to avoid drying too much material.

Clean When You Leave

Make sure you wipe and spill, even though they are only water when that happens. Laminate flooring is an alternative to hardwood that is durable, highly customizable, and beautiful. Even though the treatments needed are less than those for pricier alternatives, these tips will help you extend life and aesthetics, which means less hassle, stress, and money from your pocket.

Innovation Midcentury Modern Art Interior Design

Interior midcentury modern art design often takes keys to the architecture of the house. Ranch style homes often have inherently mid-century design looks due to their clean lines and simple form. There are many retro ways to improve the appearance of a ranch house. With mid-century interior decorating elements to create a neat and clean, vintage-inspired decor. The result will be a timeless decoration atmosphere to enjoy in every day. Use a palette of cool colors. Paint the walls a soft gray color to serve as a neutral background for the entire mid-century design. Choose an egg shell finish paint to give the walls depth and hide irregularities. Which is sometimes a problem in an old rancher style house. Accentuate the combination of colors with the upholstery, the throws, and pillows in vibrant teal, sapphire blue, cream and black.

Incorporate Danish modern furniture. Mid-century design usually has forests, such as teak, oak, and birch, in blond or bleached tones. The furniture of this style is known for its clean and clear lines. With simple shapes, square shapes, and aerodynamic features. Accent with geometric shapes. Customize the mid-century visual appearance of the home with the addition of geometric accents diy mid century modern art. Which are quintessential to this design style. Add elements, such as decorative pillows, rugs, and works of art, which feature shapes and geometric images. Use retro-lighting accessories. To further enhance the mid-century style of the house. Incorporate different types of antique-style lighting with geometric lines, hourglass shapes, and globe shapes. Hang a large globe-shaped chandelier on a dining table as a focal point in the dining room.

Mid-century modern design highlighted a lot of natural light. That flows in the home and large windows were a way to achieve this. The windows are large windows, often in the front of the house, which emphasizes the view, they are framed. Some windows are composed of a single fixed glass panel that dominates the wall on which they are placed. Some have smaller windows on each side or at the bottom of which open to let in fresh air. Hanging a mirror sunbeams on the wall behind the bed. That’s way to expand the sphere of activity of the bed. They feature a sunburst clock on a wall in a kitchen area. As a functional and beautiful decorative retro modern art accent. Or place large mirror-design lightning on a wall of the fireplace to anchor the theme of the mid-century decoration.

Midcentury Modern Home Design for Small Spaces

Midcentury modern home design – If you have just moved into a small space, such as an apartment or condo. And you may want to use some design tricks to make the area seem more open. Some interior design concepts can also be used to make a single room more welcoming. The addition of certain features to your small space makes the area seem transparent and larger. If the living room and dining room are connected. Then using the same flooring material for the two areas will make this part of the house look larger. If you have a large window in a small room. And then make this the main feature of the room by not adding curtains so the room looks especially open.

Only include furniture in small spaces that has a specific function, to avoid clutter. For example, an ottoman that contains the storage space that is best for the living room or bedroom; A small bookcase painted in a metallic color makes an attractive, useful room accent. And if you have a room that is too large and open that can be managed or a smaller living space with almost no natural division. And installing a screen could be your answer. The screens are available in a variety of styles, sizes and materials. Functional uses of the screens include division room, as well as offering a bit of privacy. The screens are also much more affordable than the construction of the half walls or the installation of sliding panels.

Midcentury modern home best design for small spaces with panels can be given new life by adding moldings on the wall or the wood paneling of the room. Besides that it is an interior design idea that gives any room a certain amount of class that was a matter of routine for homes built more than half a century ago. Take that elegance and transform it into something nautical. Also horrible or otherwise with creative imagination by painting the panels the same color as the wall and then adding stenciled effects. And then for make a room or area in your home look bigger. Paint it a light or neutral color, like beige, light brown. If you are decorating multiple areas that are connected. The kitchen and the dining room, the painting of the two areas of the same color gives the space a coordinated and open aspect.

About Midcentury Modern Dining Chair

Midcentury modern dining chair can a repeat of any design element, whether with color or accessories or furniture, is the first to catch the eye. That’s why dining chairs, in their groups of six or eight or twenty, can make such a strong design statement at home.


Dining chairs are fitted with a standard 30-inch high table and are made of robust and expensive materials than kitchen, bistro or bar chairs. The seat back is higher, the seats are wider and the legs are more extensive or ornate. Traditional dinner arrangements have armchairs at the head and foot of the table and four or more chairs side complementary ones.



Styles of modern dining chairs are almost endless, and individual tastes vary in each region, but there are trends in design depending on location. Rural homes are more likely to have land and colonial dining rooms. Coastal homes in the United States and elsewhere in the world often have more informal dinner chairs of rattan. Traditional Japanese dining rooms have low tables with chairs that have a back and a duvet but no legs.  Spanish-style antiques are heavy and sumptuous, but modern Spanish homes are more likely to contain simple, straight wooden chairs in the dining room or on the terrace. Danish seating is usually of smaller size, modern design and made of light wood like a book or teak.


Choose chairs that fit the size of your dining room. Write down the measurements of the available space. If there is an existing dining table, measure height, width, space between the table legs and the distance from the edge of the table in the wall. Take measurements and a tape measure to the store. Find midcentury dining chairs that all fit comfortably under the table and slide easily between the table legs. There should be room enough to pull out the chair without smashing the wall or other furniture, and room for guests to come in between the table and pulled out the chair.  Keep in mind the size and travel of family members and your regular guests. Look for higher backs and wider seats to accommodate larger guests, as well as more powerful materials.

Try the dining chairs yourself. If the chair is uncomfortable or feeling untidy, look for a better choice. Choose a dining room that matches the other furniture on the same floor, especially in an open plan. If you prefer modern dining chairs but have a traditional house, choose modern pieces of the same wood as the existing furniture. When custom fabric is an option, choose a more traditional fabric to compensate for the modern shape of the chairs. Inverted highlight dining room with a traditional design of the chair in crisis-impaired finish or contrasting wood tones to the rest of the house. As long as a central part ties in, you can play with other aspects.

Choose Decorate a Midcentury Modern Coffee Tables

A midcentury modern coffee table is an absolute necessity for any living room. Coffee tables not only hold drinks, but they are also footrests, play areas and even works of art or conversation initiators. Evaluate the room before going to look at the tables. This will help you determine what will fit your site and its decoration. As you are evaluating, remember the purpose of the room. If you get a lot of traffic, for example, you will need a hard table of what is needed for a living room that is rarely used. If the room is a family room or study, you may want to consider a solid table with storage. Many coffee tables have hinged lids that lift up to reveal a large storage space similar to that of a trunk underneath.

Ideas for choose decorate a midcentury modern coffee tables, measure the space you have for your table. This will help keep you from carrying and buying a table that may look great in the store, but is too large for your room. Many modern tables, like the one in the picture, are apparently large because they are mostly made of glass. This table is a very practical table due to its large surface, but if it does not have a large clear area around it, it is likely to crack because people are going to hit it. Take a picture of the room in which you want to place the coffee table. This chart will help you visualize how a table will look in space and how it will look with the rest of your furniture.

Scout out several options before making a selection. You can try furniture stores, thrift stores and even art stores to see a wide variety of coffee tables. This will help you avoid making an impulse purchase and force you to compare and evaluate your options. Coffee tables are inherently practical, but you should still consider how you will use your table while you are exploring. For example, if you have noisy children or friends, then you should not succumb to the temptation of buying a delicate crystal table or one that can be easily damaged by water or scratched. Scouting will help you see your options rationally and not emotionally.

Keep your budget in mind. Once you know how much you can spend, do not give in and go overboard. Staying within your budget will help you enjoy your table, even more, and allow you to worry about your table a little less. If you have spent too much, then every time someone pushes your table and it will happen you will flinch and find that your table brings you more stress than pleasure.

Tips of Midcentury Modern Design

Midcentury modern design with some simple changes, anyone can make their homes look like it has been professionally decorated. These tips will give your home a designer style. Install trim for a high-end look. Trim and casting give a professionally designed look. Install the windowsill and trim, wood base casting and the list. Think of the list as the frame around the beautiful rooms.

Use Paint

Paint walls. Designers use color to create atmosphere and atmosphere. White walls can be cold and sterile. Midcentury modern design use bright colors, like yellow and orange, for energy or blue and green for a calming effect. If you are unsure of what color to use, sample colors purchase and paint a small area. Show the painted is under different types of lighting at different times of the day. The roof does not have to be white either; paint it in the same color as the walls to make furniture stand out and high ceilings seem lower.

Furniture Selection and layout

Mix old and new furniture to create a designer look; does not buy every piece that coordinates in a grouping. Create interest by combining furniture styles, using color to bring them together. Pair a modern design brown sofa with red wingback chairs using red pillows on the couch. Wooden furniture can be mixed when the pieces have a similar stain. For extra pop, add an antique object of a different color. It will stand out and look intentional

Balancing Act

Create balance. Furniture and color should be balanced for a high-end look. If the room has dark walls and dark floors, use brighter color furniture. Use dark colors furniture with lighter walls and floors. If the walls and floors balance each other, then the furniture can be a mixture of light and darkness. Balance large furniture on one side of the room with a comparable piece on the opposite side. Use pop of color to add interest. Make a bold color selection intentionally by coloring it in at least two other places in the room. The red chair is a big gathering point, but uses red pillows on the couch, has red in a painting, or use red accessories in a storage unit.

DE clutter

Use minimal items for maximum results. Do not hide your memories by showing them all at once. Pair down accessories and display only a few times Otherwise, even the most beautiful and precious pieces are displayed as junk. Show items in odd numbers: single or threesome, fives, or sevens for maximum exposure. Display as color and arrange in differentiating heights. The key is to make screens appear naturally.