Mid Century Modern Dollhouse Furniture: To Use Resin Fabric On A Miniature Sofa

Mid century modern dollhouse furniture – Miniature furniture can turn a doll house into a more realistic copy of larger homes. An area of furniture that is becoming more common is retro style furniture. In particular, the mid-century modern style furniture finds its way into fashion-forward dock cabinet. Unfortunately, find good retro style mid-century modern furniture is still difficult. However, you can use resin on fabric applications to convert retro fabric into high gloss sofa that will trick out your favorite dock cabinet.

Just starting your modern dollhouse plans furniture with sheet Basswood 2 of 6 inches for the sofa base. Cut a 1 with 4-inch backrest. Cut a 1 with 1 1/2-inch arm. Then, cut 1/2 inch thick foam to fit each piece. Apply glue on wood and glue the foam to the wood. Next, look for retro fabric in the pattern you want for the sofa. Place the fabric downwards. Place the base foam side down. Wrap the sides to the middle the bottom of the wood and tie with a fabric book tie tape. Fold the ends gently on the back of the underside and tape them properly. Repeat for each part. The fabric should sit.

Cut retro fabric 1/4 inch larger than wood. Fold the edges in 1/8 inch on each side and iron. Glue the fabric over wood. Repeat for each part. Place the seat with the foam side facing up. Place your back aside and in line with your back. Apply glue between the lower edge and the seat piece to glue back to the pillow seat. Place the arm line along the end and glue it in place the same way. After that, place a piece of wood that is less than 2 of 6 inches over several newspapers. Mix resin in a disposable cup with a flat stick. Mix enough to cover the entire couch. Pour the resin over the couch, back and arms so that resin rocks all surfaces and flows from the bottom.

Allow the mass to dry for eight hours. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to remove bubbles by moving a light torch 5 inches across the piece periodically. Wipe drips with cardboard. Last, cut four quarter inch control rods 1 inch high. Paint the rods with black color and allow the paint to dry. Glue your legs evenly distributed on the underside of the sofa base. Tips and warnings: This will create a shiny and ultra modern dollhouse furniture sofa. The plastic creates a plastic coating that looks like jewelry.