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Old But Fashionable Vintage Maple Furniture

The vintage maple furniture is popular! Old-fashioned grandmother’s buffet, old-fashioned rattan armchair, old-fashioned stool … Do not let your old furniture take dust. Give them a deco makeover inspired by these vintage furniture updated by bloggers lovers of retro. For a simple customization or a radical metamorphosis, several solutions are available to you: the painting, the fabric, the wallpaper or the trapilho. See instead this series of vintage furniture tastefully relooked and follow the step by step bloggers to get you started.

Makeover of a small tripod table

Before: This small vintage table flecked by antiques by Justine, aka Mood feather, was damaged: the feet were in poor condition and the tray stained. For her, there is no question of missing out on that. She decided to retype it. After putting the feet back in shape and protecting them with a varnish of exotic wood color, Justine covered the tray with a matte black sticker. The result is both chic and sober. This small vintage table is now perfectly up to date. How to achieve this step by step? Clean, sand and apply the varnish on the feet and the underside of the tray. Let dry and apply a second coat. Cut out a piece of sticker from the size of the tray. Stick it by removing the air bubbles. Cut the excess with the scalpel.

An old chair made of wood and processed fabric

How to achieve this step by step? After unscrewing the backrest and seat, sand the wood. Remove the damaged tissue. Measure the fabric you need and cut it out. Place the fabric on the seat and staple it starting with one face and then the opposite face and the remaining faces. For the corners, cut the excess fabric with scissors, methodically bend the fabric of each length before stapling it perpendicular to the already stapled edge. Remove excess tissue with a scalpel. Finally, staple the piping along the seat and back by folding the ends for a nice finish.

An old school desk metamorphosed

Before this school desk vintage bought 15 euros was a little damaged and lack of pep. The blogger put it to her liking and, most importantly, it diverted it from its original function. Saw the feet after measuring the desired height and unscrew the tray. If necessary, sand and protect the tray with the glazer. Bomb your feet (2 layers). Screw the tray on the feet.