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Decoration Bedroom Midcentury Modern Style

Midcentury modern style – Color schemes have use in a wide range of decoration midcentury modern style. When whitewashed or distressed, color can exude an ethereal country feel. And when used in high-gloss industrial materials, it looks futuristic and mod. In a modern design, ivory can add details that look elegant, minimal, rustic and even glamorous. Depending on the colors that are matched and the textures and shapes that you use around it.

Modern decoration is usually defined by its skillful and clean lines; industrial material; and the economic use of space. Ivory intensifies this effect, so for an ultra-modern room, look for furniture that is visually light, such as bed frames with plain metal frames or dressers with little or no curves. Then ivory paint natural materials such as wood or stone planks sometimes gives a rustic look. So bring in metals and painted plastics for a contemporary look. Ivory adds contemporary elegance and glamour to decorative pieces with shine and radiance. Install a chandelier with opal-shaped discs in ivory for a geometric but glamorous piece. Soften the simple, austere lines of your modern room and angles with a soft ivory carpet in chenille or faux leather, depending on your style. Look for ivory in textures and materials such as suede, linen luxury to further soften the environment without sacrificing modern style.

Modern style sometimes has dramatic contrast in color, which featured black and ivory and cream tones as one of its main color combinations. Add bold black accents around your Ivory room to give it an elegant and modern touch. Keep the pieces simple and geometric. Diamonds, chevron patterns, stripes and angular motives work well. You can also create a contrast with bold colors such as bluish green, pink and dark greens in bold, for example. Ivory breaks bold color dots or vice versa, if you want to use ivory accents instead.

Blending modern style with vintage design can accent contemporary pieces, especially if you want to bring in an eclectic element to your modern bedroom. Paint a vintage ivory chair color and upholster in a bold, contemporary color, or vice versa. Contrast it with an inspired mid-century dressing table with simple, angular ivory shape too. Place an ivory, vintage upholstered headboard in the frame of the modern style bed. Look for a bedside table with a modern shape and anguish with ivory paint for a rustic touch.