Ideas of Midcentury Modern Table

Midcentury modern table look in your home with a tray of coffee table. Mid-Century Modern style means slim lines, unusual shapes and strong colors, all of which can be created by tiles on even the most laid-back coffee tables. Whatever the shape and size of your current table, turn it into an artwork that will fit into any Mid-Century modern home.

Tile Selection

Base your tile choice for your new modern coffee table on the shape of the table, decor in the room where it will appear and the colors of your home. A plethora of different Mid-Century modern tiles is available, from Art and Crafts Plates with geometric pattern mosaic ear tiles in bold colors. Look for a tray that will follow the shape of your table’s edges so you can avoid making uncomfortable cuts along the sides. If your tile has a raised edge around the perimeter, measure the depth of the interior and choose a tray slightly thinner than this depth to give you a completely flat surface when done.


Take time to put out tiles on top of the table before you start installing. Ideally place the plates so the pieces around the perimeter of the table have the same size, or the tiles on each of the parallel edges of the table have the same size. This gives the table a balanced look. Try to start your layout from several places on the table and adjust it until you find the right look. Make a layout from the center of the table that radiates outwards, one second from the center of one side of the table, and a third layout from the center of the side perpendicular to the first. When you find the layout that works best, take a photo as a reference before removing the tiles.

Capture and setting

Many tiled tables require cutting pieces to fill the perimeter. Select the tiles to be cut under your layout, keeping them in place while tracking the edge of the table on the plate. Cut small slabs with a pair of tile cutters; Cut larger tiles on a wet saw for clean edges. Spread a layer of tile mortar on the surface of the plate with a morsel. Pull the slots in the slipper through the mortar until it is uniform in thickness. Lay out trace signs if you install mosaic tiles; Leave them in if you install larger plates. Press the plates in the brick in the same order as you set out in the layout and allow the brick to cure for 24 hours.