You all already know and have been bored by the sil/dmil saga

Posted on 07/01/2017 by TIPP

so all that is needed to say there is she’s been very quiet ever since Thursday. Now she may still be scheming, but only time will tell that. We think we figured out how she was getting around the 85 year old woman being on the mortgage situation, but it’s pretty complex so I won’t bore you further. We do figure that if she was down to closing sil may now be out a large amount of money between earnest money, loan origination fees, packing materials, utility deposits since it was in a town different from where she was living, new things for the new house etc. All of which she could of avoided by taking no for an answer when we explained to her over two years ago why dmil could not be any part of her scheme to purchase a home with dmil’s money and signature. Nothing we can do about it now. We figure at this point she is scrambling to get her backside covered before the Feds come to visit.
Dbil is working on fixing a place for dmil at his house for awhile and we’ll move on in that direction until the Baptist Village has another opening—none are available right now– to get her out of sil’s asap.
On to brighter subjects. Saturday we went out to celebrate dh’s birthday that is today, with ds paying for us to eat at El Chico’s as his gift to his father. I’m giving him a package of usb adapters he needs—thrilling NOT! But that is what he wants, so that’s what it will be, it also fell well within our pre-set birthday gift limit.
Sunday the guys thought they had the design for the can rotators all worked out right up until they prepared to cut the wood and realized they didn’t have two of the measurements configured. So the actual building will probably start later this week. This has certainly been a long drawn out process. It has certainly messed up my kitchen and dining room to the point of distraction, but this too shall pass.
After deciding on Saturday that I’d start a new blog of book reviews on all types of subjects I worked on the basic set-up of the Outside a Dog blog and the intro for it is now up and running, link below. I’ve also written the first review, but have so much else I’m linking to it I’m waiting to put it up until I get the other work done so it can all go up at once.
Book suggestions and book subjects would be most welcome for this blog.
No overtime this week but I did get paid for the final mystery shops I did so there was a little to go toward getting the taxes paid so I can snowball big again. So far the snowballing has saved us nearly $5 in interest on the little BOA account. I know that doesn’t seem like much, but that’s only two months of being able to snowball on the account. It is $5 that won’t compound as the months roll forward and it’s $5 plus that additional interest I’ll never have to pay. So that makes me VERY happy.
The once frozen purse is nearly dry and looks like it has survived to live another day. By emptying it while it was still frozen I was able to salvage 99.99% of the contents as well, so I guess my freezing my fingers was worth the sacrifice. I would not recommending fast freezing a purse in the future, however.
I started a batch of Amish Friendship Bread starter (blog posts are being created at this time on this) as a result of the reading of the first reviewed book and in preparation for future meals during the busy spring and summer seasons here on the ranch. It is first of various different starters I plan on putting together over the next few weeks. I generally have all sorts of bread starters made up and until today I was out of all of them. So reading the book and doing the research to go with it spurred me on to get back to being more organized in my menu planning. New menus are coming soon, in between garden start-up, house organization etc. LOL! Yep I really do need to work on my time budget.
Outside it has been thundering and lightening for hours and it has now turned into sleet. Oh joy, but this too shall pass and as long as the guys can get home safely I’ll be happy. We have plenty of firewood if the power goes out and the pantries are well stocked. Dh said he’d set up the computers at work for telecommuting if it looked like it was going to get bad enough the two men can’t go in tomorrow. So all is good on that front.
Anyway, the highlight of the week was sil hanging herself when she was given enough rope.