When I was in college

Posted on 08/23/2017 by TIPP

I stopped for an ice cream cone on the way back to campus and apparently left my wallet on the roof of the car. Thinking I had left it by the cash register, I drove back to Baskin-Robbins to see if anyone had turned it in, but no one had seen it.

I had just gotten back to my dorm room when the phone rang. It was the woman who found my wallet in the parking lot. She must have called the school to get my number, because there was nothing in that wallet with my phone number on it. I went to her home and picked it up.

I am so grateful that she took the time to find me and return it. It had all my cash,driver’s license, ATM card, and my student ID, which I needed to get meals in the cafeteria (and to go to football and basketball games free). She saved me all the time and trouble that it would have taken to get all that stuff replaced.