Nope, you can’t repair hardware over the internet

Posted on 09/27/2017 by TIPP

It isn’t 100% certain yet, but I think I’ll be starting something Tuesday, though. depends on their background check, etc. It’s a 6-week contract for only 40% of what I was making before. But I guess it’s better than nothing. The thing is, during that time, I won’t be able to go on any interviews for other jobs. I also had a lady call from the University wanting to schedule a phone interview for a position there as well. I scheduled it for Monday, figuring that it would probably take them 6 weeks to make a decision ANYWAY. But the confirmation e-mail reminded me that it was only a part time position, 20 hours per week. That might make it hard to afford the gas for a 40-mile one-way commute.
We’ll see how these two positions shake out…