I too blew the budget yesterday

Posted on 02/25/2017 by TIPP

I went to Target, my big weakness. This was the store that got me into the most trouble (credit card debt wise) when we were in debt. I would say I used to go to Target a couple of times a month and blow 100-200 dollars a pop without any real budget line for any of it. I’ve since learned to put in generic line items for Household, Personal Supplies, and Clothing for things at stores like CVS, Rite Aid and Target. But this still was a BIG trip.
I spent $289! Aaaah, and that was without the Icee!
We got clothes for the girls and mom. Bathing suits and lots of socks. I came out of the store with three bags. Wow, a hundred bucks a bag. Crazy! Luckily, I do have line items for some of this, but other things I’ll have to zero out the clothing and personal supplies lines for March as well to try and get things to balance out.

Trying to eat healthier at home and spent $98 at the grocery store. That’s just for 3 days! Yikes. I may have to get creative at home for the other days. Luckily we have plenty of household supplies to get us through the week, so I won’t be running to the store for toilet paper.

My oldest DD (12) just went off to Catalina for three days with her school. I’m excited for her. She loves camping and adventures of any kind. I’ve never been to Catalina, so it will be fun to hear all about her experiences when she gets back. I’ve decided to add a $10 weekly line item to our budget for her. I’m not telling her, but it seems that I was getting nickeled and dime with miscellaneous things she needed. It’s kind of blow money, but also just keeps my budget balanced and give me a little wiggle room. I just sent her off to Catalina with $20 and it came out of the DD blow money budget. Happy Mom!

I’ve realized over the years in budgeting that I’m much happier spending money on the kids or when my DH buys something when I’ve planned for it. For example: it seems that every couple of months there is a fundraiser for soccer. If I put $25 a week in the budget and just carry it over, then when something soccer related comes up, I’m not bitter about it. I just “have” the money.