I am famous for leaving things out and about

Posted on 08/07/2017 by TIPP

I once left my wallet on top of my car at the filling station, and drove a few miles before I realized what I’d done. I also left my wallet on the bumper of my truck, drove a few miles, suddenly realized what I’d done, and was amazed it was still there. I’ll tear the house apart looking for my sunglasses, only to realize I can’t find them because I’m already wearing them. I had to create one and only one place for my keys, because I kept losing them. I have a dozen keys on my keychain; lose that and I am in a world of hurt. I have some of the more important spares hidden away but I’d still be in a world of hurt. I lost my treasured Leatherman over the summer, somewhere on our 14 acre rental field. Ever search for a Leatherman somewhere on a 14 acre field? You’ll be there awhile, and you’ll probably come away empty handed. At least I did. I lost my wedding ring somewhere on the kitchen counter. Twelve years later, I still haven’t found it. After about six months of hoping it would turn up, I finally broke down and bought a new one. Back in the day when I had extra money for such stupidness. Talk about a stupid tax! I suspect one of the cats turned it into a plaything, and swept it under some big appliance. To this day I wonder if someday I’ll move the fridge, and there it’ll be, encased in dust bunnies.

The list goes on. I’ll leave tools wherever I set them down, and then find them six months later. I’ll leave clothes laying around outside as I work, and then find them six months later (usually much worse for wear). The only reason I haven’t lost my mind is because it’s inside my skull. The only reason I haven’t yet misplaced my skull is because it’s rather firmly attached to the rest of me. But if there was a way to lose either, I would have already. Probably multiple times.

My beloved DH has been very patient with me the times I’ve lost his stuff. But he’s also encouraged me to assign homes to things, and to not set things down until they’re “home”. I’m getting a lot better, but let’s just say there’s still some room for improvement. The man has the patience of a saint.

In recent years it has come to my attention (scattered as that can be) that these are sometimes signs of ADHD, and that I have other definite symptoms of ADHD. So last year and extending into this year, I’ve been working really hard to make sure I put things away and not leave things laying around. I think I’m making some progress. At least I haven’t lost a cow yet. That would be tough to explain away.