Hey, Milagro, I love the stories of “fell off the wagon but got up, dusted off, got back onboard.”

Posted on 04/03/2017 by TIPP

We sort of had an odd week here. On the one hand, we had a triple hammer of “compliance” crap come down on us – the insurance issue, which hasn’t been resolved, then some new federal laws that are coming out which peripherally involve our work, then some county laws which definitely involve our work. All in one week. Then, we had not one, not two, but three major meetings to attend, one of which was an all-day workshop on Saturday. Yes those meetings were fine and good and helpful and instructive. But dang I think the word “meeting” sucks the wind right out of my sails just hearing the word anymore. And my truck, which we continue to have issues with, is SO VERY CLOSE to finally being fixed, but came home with a $750 repair bill on Friday. And we’re not quite done yet. Ouch.

The good news in all that (desperately looking for the Polyanna in all this) is that by participating in all this regulatory stuff now, which is a pain, we’ll be in very good position to be in compliance when the heavy hammer of the law kicks in, either later this year or down the road. A lot of work up front but it’s work that we need to do, and we’ll feel good having it done. Similar with the truck – in the last year we’ll have completely redone the transmission and now basically given it a very thorough heart/lung cleaning. Once we get this last issue fixed up, my 30 year old truck will be good for another 30 years. Or at least a bunch of years.

DH and I also learned something important about each other. We’ve been working SO hard to get our finances squared away, the truck squared away and now some major business stuff squared away, and that feels great. BUT, when we get tired and maybe push our endurance too far, we start snipping at each other. It’s stupid and it’s like something out of 8th grade playground politics, but it happens. “Well, you didn’t take out the trash.” “Well, you didn’t send off the phone payment.” “Well, you didn’t run to the store like you said you would.” “Well, you forgot the kerosene.” And on and on. That sort of cheesy argument, at the end of a long day, can wipe out a lot of good progress made. So when we see we’re going to that place of “Snippyland”, we try now to stop, back up, say in advance “I’m really tired now, and not in a good frame of mind to get into this, but yes I know it needs to be done and I want to take care of it. Can we do this later?” That has “saved the day” more than once lately. So, we continue to live and learn. And I think very soon I’m going to have the most awesome 1983 Ford Ranger anywhere on the road. So I’ve got that going for me. Which is nice.