Congratulations on both!

Posted on 10/15/2017 by TIPP

I’m definitely a cup-is-half-full sorta person (despite my habit of leaving valuables laying around), and I think these are both good news! If I may? Don’t sweat that the specifics don’t line up quite yet, and/or that you can’t see how they’ll line up. Just go with the new contract position, and the upcoming interview, and allow those good developments to be GOOD. In other words, try not to let your worry rain on your own parade.

Also, consider that many companies hire on contract, then go permanent once they figure out that the person is qualified and decent to work with. Of all the professional-level jobs I’ve held in life, only one of them was an interview out of a classifieds ad. ALL the rest were temp-turned-permanent or contract-turned-permanent. So they may have a very specific reason for you not going on interviews while you’re on that contract. They might be grooming you for a permanent role. Just some food for thought.

And chalk this up to being good news, because it is! Jan, can you overnight him some Pollyanna pills? The extra-strength ones???? 😉